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UPDATE! I have had to bring forward the ordering deadline to Friday 18th. Please get your orders in ASAP!

After everything 2020 had to throw at us, it's more important than ever that Christmas be as relaxing as possible. So don't get stuck in the kitchen - let me cook your festive feast.

I'm a local chef offering Christmas Dinner Delivered - a two or three-course meal, fully prepared and dropped to your door ready to heat and eat. Vegetarian and Vegan options available. Easy-to-follow instructions are included for what little needs doing before serving (mainly just bunging things in the oven with a couple of bits to heat through on the hob).

You can find out more and order here: https://www.sycamoresmyth.com/christmas-dinner

The menu is as follows:

Deadline for orders is Friday 18th December with delivery on 24th. Find out more and order here: https://www.sycamoresmyth.com/christmas-dinner

In the past people have said very nice things about the meals I prepared for them:

  • "Xmas dinner was a smash hit! Thanks again for the delicious food and stress free Xmas dinner."
  • "The meal you prepared for us was absolutely amazing! Everyone enjoyed it and we're looking forward to getting stuck into the leftovers!"

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Sounds delicious! Out of interest, what is a Syrian fruit salad? 

Thanks maladyboy! 

The "Syrian Fruit Salad" is a mixture of dried fruits (apricots and figs) soaked in orange juice and orange blossom water and then mixed with fresh pomegranate seeds and nuts. My grandmother used to serve it at Christmas as a lighter option for people who didn't want the heavy pudding. Although she was from Yorkshire and not from Syria - I think she got the recipe from a magazine! Similar desserts are eaten across the Middle East - there's a version in Claudia Roden's Book Of Middle Eastern Food called Khoshaf which is Egyptian/Lebanese I think.

Anyway. I took the idea and turned it into a trifle. So it's very inauthentic but definitely delicious...

Thanks for explaining Clare. Sounds delicious! 

OOOooh Clare, this looks Wonderful thank you. Maybe I and not best cook husband will really unstress this Christmas with this instead. 

Thanks Geraldine! Absolutely - let me know if I can destress Christmas for you!

i have sent this to my 92 year mother staying nearby but on her own since March. She refuses to come to me as usual this year because virus  anyway she will do this too. i am sooooo pleased as she is very fussy about good food and now I know she will be happily enjoying the Sycamore Smyth meal on 25th.



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