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I've been a viewer of Harringay Online for a few years now, and wanted to sign up to ask for some of your thoughts on a charitable project I want to start. I've been renting a house on the ladders for about two and a half years  now, and since being here I've had various successes in growing fruit and vegetables in the garden. Before living here, all I had in London was a tiny balcony - so the extra outside space was very welcome!

I'm looking to try and find out some  information from others living in the area, to try and see what we can do to better support each other as a community of green fingers. I've therefore put together a small survey (it will take about 3 minutes to complete), that is designed for those who have and haven't spent time growing fruit and vegetables. If you can spare a few minutes to help complete it that would be really appreciated - https://goo.gl/forms/3Ae1eGTuCP7pkGvV2 

I'm also wondering if anybody knows of any local gardening clubs in the area, or if any kind of seed/plant swap seeds exist? I'd be really interested to find a way to join!

I'd be happy to share updates on the project if I think it's something there's enough demand for.

Thanks for all your help!


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suggest you talk to ...


Thank you for the suggestion - this looks like such an interesting programme, I'll definitely check it out. 

I love the idea of more help. I've always wanted to grow stuff in my garden but don't seem to have much success



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