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When; 4th-6th May

Where; Normally held inside Ally Pally, for some reason it has rolled down in a beer barrel to Ducketts Common N15


Friday 4th May
16:00 - 23:00
Saturday 5th May
11:00 - 23:00
Sunday 6th May
11:00 - 23:00

What; according to the Evening Standard (ES); 

London's biggest beer garden is set to return to London next month for its second year, moving from Mile End to Ducketts Common, ... with a 1,200-seat, open air Biergarten, a separate beer tent with table service for 1,000 people, DJs and a Oomph band. Tables can be booked in advance.

The event is billed as family friendly and there will be German-market style wooden huts selling trinkets, as well as an activity area with children’s games, say ES.

For those wanting something to soak up all that beer (after the local election results are in) there's the likes of bratwurst, schnitzel, pretzels, cold meats and cheeses on offer. They’ll be serving beer in two-pint ‘steins’. 

More info at http://bierfest.london

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There will be at least one murder. Family friendly beer.... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I think I'll organise a works night out!  I work in White City and literally no one goes out on this side of London.  Most haven't heard of Turnpike Lane, and one colleague who lives in Brixton thought he'd gone to the back of beyond when I had a birthday drinks @ the Great Northern Railway.  This will put us on the map, hopefully in a good way, as in friendly drunks who can make it home without an incident.  Something different, what's not to like.  

John you must be a barrel of laughs at party.

its good these type of events are in the area! Cheers!!

Given the state the Circus have left Duckett’s Common in  I’d be surprised if it will be useable in time for the Bierfest. 

Given the amount off drunken fools and clouds of weed smoke that come rolling off Duckets Common of a sunny weekend that nothing gets done about, just what are the council proposing to do to protect the locals from this nuisance? Ally Pally was fine: there aren’t as many residents comparatively, but people live just feet from this place. 

I bet you there is more “supervision” of this area and surrounding areas during this event than any other weekend.

I'm German and I need a "Bierfest", like a fish a bicycle!

Looks like your fellow countrymen and women have us surrounded Friedrich! Oktoberfest comes to Finsbury Park as well ... this ones a Halloween Special



Good luck with that, squelching through all the mud and human poo left by the circus. When did Duckett's suddenly become an events venue? 

I emailed the council to ask them about this... and these are a couple of relevant excerpts of what I got back "The applicants have hired the Park for the proposed event and the Park Service are aware of the issues that have arisen following the occupation of the Circus Vegas." and "The application was advertised in line with the statutory requirements set out in the  Licensing Act 2003, i.e, notices were placed around the park and in a local newspaper. There were no representations/objections received from residents in relation to this matter."

So it's a done deal but I honestly do not remember reading or seeing any notifications of the sort mentioned above at any point and I go there quite a lot. 



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