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Has anyone noticed errors in their 2020/21 council tax bills - or perhaps it's only mine -

1. The percentage increase for my LBH part is NOT the advertised 1.99% but 2.1% 

2. the percentage increase in the Adult Social Care precept is not the advertised 2% but actually 


Has anyone else come across this?

The advertised increases of 1.99% for LBH, 3.6% for GLA (which is correct) and 2% for the adult social care precept- would from a mathematical perspective  - never give an overall increase of 3.9% anyway  - it would have to be somewhere between 1.99% and 3.6%.  

Whilst I see the overall increase of my CTAX is the advertised 3.9% -if these errors in the component percentages are across the board I am perturbed that the Council has made a fundamental error in advertised percentage increases for each component - 2% compared to 27% is quite a difference. 

The screenshot below is what is says on the council website.

I'd be interested to hear if this is only a one off or more widespread.

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I received my revised rate charge for 2019-2020 from HfH a month ago and the charge for the communal aerial had gone up from £13 per annum to £126 per annum. After a couple of weeks of not getting anywhere with HfH we finally managed to get hold of the person in charge of their accounts. After a few days of looking into it he admitted that they had messed up the charge and will be offering us and other leaseholders in our block a revised, more sensible fee that is nowhere near the 700+% increase of the last charge.

If I didn't look into this and just paid would HfH realise their mistake and deduct from a future rates charge? How many in the borough just blindly pay up without even checking first? Does Haringey & HfH not have people double checking their fees, if not why?

With the state of Haringey's finance at present it makes me wonder if these over charges are not mistakes but by design? I wouldn't put it past them. 

Hi Al - who did you manage to get in contact with? We have exactly the same issue with the aerial and would like a refund!

Michael Hooper.

Billing and calculation manager

Leasehold services

020 8489 3485

Ah him! Yes he's a decent fellow! Still trying to sort out some fire safe doors.

I'll be in contact forthwith

Yes he's a decent guy and very helpful.  Good luck 



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