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Has anyone noticed errors in their 2020/21 council tax bills - or perhaps it's only mine -

1. The percentage increase for my LBH part is NOT the advertised 1.99% but 2.1% 

2. the percentage increase in the Adult Social Care precept is not the advertised 2% but actually 


Has anyone else come across this?

The advertised increases of 1.99% for LBH, 3.6% for GLA (which is correct) and 2% for the adult social care precept- would from a mathematical perspective  - never give an overall increase of 3.9% anyway  - it would have to be somewhere between 1.99% and 3.6%.  

Whilst I see the overall increase of my CTAX is the advertised 3.9% -if these errors in the component percentages are across the board I am perturbed that the Council has made a fundamental error in advertised percentage increases for each component - 2% compared to 27% is quite a difference. 

The screenshot below is what is says on the council website.

I'd be interested to hear if this is only a one off or more widespread.

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Hi Al - who did you manage to get in contact with? We have exactly the same issue with the aerial and would like a refund!
Ah him! Yes he's a decent fellow! Still trying to sort out some fire safe doors.

I'll be in contact forthwith



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