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The elderly neighbours at the end of my road lost most of their kitchen in a house fire.

They didn't realise their insurance had lapsed.  As a result, they have to replace their whole back of house at their own cost.

I got an offer of a gas cooker from a lovely local but now have an issue with finding a qualified fitter to install this cooker for me.

I wondered if anyone knew of a kind gas fitter who would install this for me for free?

I know it is a big ask but it would make 2 80+ year old people in my road very happy.

Thank you


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Is the cooker hose not the bayonet type?, if so it should just plug in (with a twist), depending on the gas pipe being compatible.

Hi Xavier

Thanks for replying.  I am not sure.  I will check with my other neighbour who has seen the cooker (there are a few of us in the street trying to help this couple out). 

Thanks Tris.  Yes, that is why we really want a qualified fitter to install it for the reasons you mention.

It would be great a local gas fitter could step up. Think they'd get deserved praise on HoL if they did; certainly from me. But if not, perhaps the Age UK Advice line (0800 169 65 65) could help. I know they offer a subsidised handyman service.

Thanks Antoinette for the Age UK advice line.  If I have no luck here, I will give them a call next week.



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