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We brought our house almost a year ago and it had a gorgeous garden, fast forward and it has definitely become a little neglected.

We are looking for a garden lover and knowledgeable someone to do:

A) a general tidy up, b) a pre-winter prune c) tell us a bit more about the plants we have, and what more we can do.

Any recommendations for someone who can cover all the above? Also we would like to have this done by 20th September, so is a little time sensitive. Garden isn't huge and we are in N22.

Thanks in advance!!

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Thanks Ben, I've reached out to Dave now. 

Hi there, if Dave can't do this, I'd be interested, but am going on holiday tomorrow until the 19th so couldn't meet your deadline, however I could pop up on the 20th for a couple of hours to make a start.  I'll have patchy access to internet/email whilst I'm away, so I'll try and private message you with my mobile number in case you're interested.

Thanks Carrie! I have been in touch with Dave, but I'll save your details for future reference. Have a great holiday! Rose

Thanks :-)

Hi Carrie

My garden is in a terrible state, I was ill for most of the summer and it’s got right away from me. If you’re up for a project, send me your number.

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