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Hi folks,

I searched before posting but couldn't find anything recent. Can anyone tell me what day garden waste (brown) bin collections are in the southern half of the ladder? And also how long after subscribing to the service the brown bin will actually arrive? Neither piece of info seems to be available from the council or Veolia websites (and indeed the "find your garden waste bin collection day" tool only returns results for all the other kinds of bins....)


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I ordered a new food waste caddy a couple of weeks ago and no sign of it (I wanted it for the people I sold my flat to, as I had a Joseph Joseph caddy I took with me)

Probably a different department or something. Or maybe we just haven't yet heard about the Great North London Food Caddy Shortage of 2022!

From Veolia same as the other bins - but you were right, I emailed them and they wrote back to say they were low on stock 



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