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We would like to clear our back garden, which we've never used, and is extremely overgrown to the extent that it may have some rubbish under the overgrowth. It will require some physical strength, and the majority of what's there will need to be taken away (this doesn't include trees which we'll leave). Any suggestions? Thank you! 

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Happy to have a look at this and discuss options.

Philip Foxe 079 5897 5495

philip could you prune a sambuca please? 

Yes I think so. These are usually cut back hard but you may have your own thoughts on that. Text me?

Hi Philip,

I'm looking for a quote for weeding and pruning of our front garden. We're based on Wightman Road. Would you be able to assist?



 How can you have a garden and never use  it?  Ask Philip [ sometime Green Party member] to leave a wild bit for wildlife...

Already done that. It's not been used for over 30 years, we don't have direct access to it, or even easy access, and were quite happy with it being wild and a breeding ground for foxes and cubs. This year no cubs, and we decided we'd like to use it ourselves, keeping it conservation friendly etc.

Thank you for making a safe place for foxes! The cubs are so cute. 

Hello Kiare 

Would be happy to help with this project if Philip doesn't work out. 





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