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Hi, we've some furniture we'd like to get rid of – two Habitat tables (one white, one orange), two small chest of drawers and a storage unit/seat combo thing. They all have some minor marks on them but are perfectly fine to use. We've also a Habitat coffee table (very simple, nothing fancy – black) out in the garden storage and we'd happily throw that in too. If you want it all, we'd just want a token amount for it (for example, £20). If you want bits and pieces let us know. Being furniture, they're a bit bulky and heavier than you'd expect so you may need transport. 

This has been cross-posted on another neighbourhood site - I'll update this post if anything is claimed.



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Hi julles

I’m interested in the white table - I’ve sent you a connection request

Many thanks

Hi Geraldine,

I've connected with you and hit you with a HoLMail. 

Please note that there are a couple of marks on the white table (see attached photos). As well, we don't have any boxes so you'll have to carry it/take it as is. 



Hi Grace,

It's yours! Note, there are a couple of dark marks on it (see attached photo for example) but we've never been fussed and it's still usable. It's quite a heavy piece so keep that in mind. Also, we don't have a box for it so you'd have to carry/take it as is.

We packed the coffee table ages ago so I'm afraid I don't have a photo. From memory, I think it looks something like the attached photo. But it's not glass, and it's darker wood. I don't have the dimensions.





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