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I’m moving house and have a few more things to sell.

Open to offers!


Small pine bedside chest - 25

Pine wardrobe - h 180 cm x w 89cm x depth 53cm - 30

Oval dark antique-look wood small chest - 15

Tall narrow bookshelf ideal for corner/small space holding a lot of books - 25

HP printer/scanner (high end)- 35

flat screen TV – h378.9 x w625.4 x d52.9 without stand - 25

fridge - 25

Also, FREE: tools, gardening stuff, plant pots & troughs, curtains, etc.

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Sorry for delayed response. House sale angst! Can you message me in a few days? or will get back to you to arrange your coming to have a look. 

Hi Eva,

What size is the fridge you're selling? I'm looking for a smallish spare one.

And how are you?


It's not a tiny one but 3/4 size. Will ask Sumeyye who's in the house to measure it. I'm ok. And you?

We're OK thanks - are you in NYC now?

Is it just a fridge, or a fridge/freezer - if so I don't need a freezer?

Yes, in NY. It has a very small freezer. In fact the smallest I've ever seen! Do you still want dimensions? 

Yes thanks.

Fridge measurements:

Dept: 56cm width: 54cm ht: 158cm

If you want will give you Sumeyye's number to arrange. Can't be picked up until end of month though. I wouldn't charge you for it. 

I'm afraid it's going to be too big for my kitchen, but thanks for the offer. Hopefully someone else will want it.

HAs the gardening items gone?




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