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Funding for community groups in london - air quality testing - deadline 16/06

Hi HoL

Thought you would find this interesting. Apologies if it's been posted

This is UCL funding upto £1000 for communities to measure NO2 etc in their area. Training will also be provided.

Deadline is 16th June!!!

Sorry but I am absolutely chocca this week. Hope this has use!



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Dan, thanks for posting this. Would it be useful for the Ladder Traffic Group as another tool to get the council to sort out the traffic issues. Air quality is definitely an issue with all the HGVs using the Ladder was a rat run. The council should be tackling how this affects residents health much more seriously.

Thanks Karen, yes this would give some great, robust (and maybe scary) evidence from this precise locality to hopefully inform and drive policy. Hard local data can be quickly extrapolated into health, well-being etc costs - all things which I am sure are important to the council 

Fab, Westminster University have a pollution monitor on Euston Rd, it's well overdue here.
A resident in the Gardens used to say if you have lichens on your street pavers, it indicated cleaner air quality.

The HCG has put in a proposal for this for Harringay. As usual we'll be keen for other people and groups to be involved and help if the proposal is accepted. Let me know if you're interested.

What  is HCG?

Haringay Community Group ?

This is going ahead. Little detail of how it works yet but they've come up with the layout below and i think the idea is we put a diffusion tube on a post on the street somewhere in each of the yellow squares. That needs to happen on the 1st of July, and then take them down after a month...looking for volunteers to help do that so if you live in one of those squares or want to help then get in touch.

Great news Ant. Happy to help so count me in.

I *think* we are in one of those squares (16?) so happy to help out.

put me down for 24 if you need to

Well done. Green Lanes also suffers fro pollution and I and my family have really noticed this recently. Would be interesting to know what effect the Turkish restaurants have - I do love them but in summer we sometimes can't see the end of our road for all the smoke! We don't live in the squares but happy to help out .

I can do square 10.



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