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Can anyone recommend a company to do our front garden?
Looking for it to be levelled, repaved and a new front wall with planters built, plus installation of a tap.
We are on Wightman Road.

Thanks, Suzanne 


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Yes, Kevin he has done great work for us and quite a few front front gardens on Wightman. 07890556156. If he doesn't pick up leave a message and he always gets back. Ben

Hi Ben, sounds good would you happen to have a photo of the work done?


Sure, might not be what you are looking for as you are doing you front garden. But he did a rear extension for us basically completely by himself inside and out also the concrete patio. I have attached the pictures of where he was up to before lock down, he's only got to clean up the brickwork and finish the timber around the roof. If you ask him he will show you some of the many front gardens he has done in the area. Ben


I happened to see somebody doing this very job on the way down my road  (Hewitt Road). The workman and the house owner were chatting at thefront door. I stopped and got the number of the guy who is doing the work. The owner said it was her son-in-law’s firm. The guy is from Southgate. His name is Jay. His number is 075 0688 3881.

Thanks all, very helpful! 



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