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I have just received this from Co-operation Town - what a great way forward. Am posting here for any Locals interested. I have forwarded to St Anns Food hub.

" We are excited to share with you the newly published Cooperation Town Starter Pack (on our brand new website www.cooperation.town).

The pack is an accessible guide to setting up Cooperation Town food co-ops, aimed at both new and experienced organisers. 
It presents a simple step-by-step process for starting a group, has tips and troubleshooting advice and contains useful templates (with additional resources online).
Please share it in your community and get in touch if you need any further information (or to give us feedback!). 
We would be happy to meet up with new groups, online or in person, and answer any questions. 

We would also like to invite you and your group to join us at the event From Mutual Aid to Food Co-ops on 15 September, where we will present the pack and share our vision for the new network. 
It will be an opportunity to discuss the challenges of transitioning from volunteer-led Covid relief to community-led forms of self organisation and to imagine together a way forward beyond this time of crisis.   
The event will be held at a London venue (in keeping with safety measures) and online. It will also be recorded"

T 07918 633371
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