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Friends of Finsbury Park to Mount Legal Challenge to Wireless

The Friends of Finsbury Park want to stop the Wireless Concert occupying "a third" of the park for two week in mid-summer

The Friends of Finsbury Park have set a course to mount a legal challenge to Haringey Council's renting out Finsbury Park for the Wireless Festival

The Friends say of the Wireless Festival, "It is almost impossible to comprehend its vast scale and the impact it has on Finsbury Park. Last year’s Wireless Festival covered almost one third of the size of the Park, surrounded by an oppressive 8ft high green metal barrier to keep Park users out, in some areas stretching as far as the eye could see. 

"Many local residents don't have gardens so the park serves as a vital outdoor amenity, and as events such as Wireless Festival take weeks to set up and take down the public is denied access to what should be public space.

"Last year’s Wireless Festival, which was held over two summer weekends, attracted crowds of 50,000 per day causing massive disruption, damage, excessive noise, and antisocial behaviour in streets surrounding the Park.

Relationships between the Friends group and the Council have long been frosty. But now it appears they are breaking down altogether with meetings being cut short or cancelled and now a legal challenge. A spokesman for the friends group said "We've tried everything to get Haringey Council to enter into discussions with us, but they refuse to listen, stopping all public consultation and ignoring stakeholder groups, local residents and park users".

The group is now launching a legal challenge to stop the Council staging the festival and similar major events in Finsbury Park. I am not clear at this stage what the basis of the legal challenge is, but I'm guessing the clue might well be in a recent statement:

Finsbury Park is a public park that was formed by virtue of the Finsbury Park Act 1857; it is registered as a Grade II Historic Park and Garden and is also Metropolitan Open Land.

The group say they will have to pay up to £35,000 plus VAT for issuing the proceedings and having a one day hearing in the High Court. To raise the required monies, a crowdfunfing page was set up on Monday. As of today the page has attracted over £5,000 funding, about 12% of the total amount they may require.

Alongside the preparations for the legal challenge, the friends group have also lodged an official objection to the festival. 

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Clive have you tried the chicken at Chicken Town?

Not yet Paul. An agent (who enjoys chicken meals) has volunteered to go in, check it out and report back.

I went (tried all their meats and sides)...wasn't terrible but nothing really to recommend it imho.

Bird and Chick King is far superior.

This is for Billy above (who i am unable to reply to for some reason).

Bird is 20% more expensive and is less healthy I agree. Chicken Town is not cheap though and Bird is easily 20% more tasty which is the important thing for me. They also don't mold bits of chicken into some other piece of chicken either (that's just off putting).  Not impressed tbh.

As for healthy fast food???parents really need to look at themselves before looking for the council to provide healthy options so children can regularly eat out.

I was raised on and will always prefer home cooked meals. Thus i eat whatever i want at lunch time. I would give my child a pack lunch before allowing them to eat that nonsense everyday.

Mr Carter, how much will this legal action cost the council? As an opposition councilllor, are you happy to force the council to spend thousands on legal fees, when Haringey is having to close children centres across the borough? I doubt I will get an answer.



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