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I'm selling fridge, dryer and washing machine. The last one is absolutely new so under guarantee. 

All three are in fine working order. First two are 25.00 each and washing machine is 50.00. 

They'll be available to take around Sept. 30th. 

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Hi, I’m interested in the dryer please, I’ll message you now.

and possibly the fridge too.

What name is the washing machine, what size drum/could you put up a picture please, thanks.

Will get back to you with all this info. I'm not there, you see, so my friend/tenant Sumeyye is dealing with things. 

I can tell you that the washing machine is brand spanking new and therefore under guarantee! The older one broke down so I had to buy a new one. 

Anyway, have asked her to check names and get pic. Been away fo long I forgot! 

The fridge is Servis, the dryer is White Knight and the washing machine is Beko. The size is h84 x w60 x d44. She didn't understand that you wanted the drum size and can have her check this if you're still interested. Like I said, it's new, only a few months old!

The drum says 6 kg

How funny lol I have the same washing machine and would like to see the back of it, but it was forced on me by my lettings agent. Thanks for letting me know though.

Oops. I let my friends/tenants choose but that's not good to hear! I take it dryer and fridge not of interest either? 

Well they had to replace what was there when I moved in, but didn’t even do anything close to a like for like, I have the other two items Thankyou for asking though.

Is the WM  still available?

Yes, it is. 

Can we purchase this?



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