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Bosch Classix 6 washing machine - free to someone who needs it. It works perfectly, just surplus to requirements. Collect from Ladder as soon as possible.

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Hi, sorry to be a pain, could you tell me the dimensions please?

Hi Pete, it’s 59.5cm wide x 50 deep x 84 tall. It’s 55 deep front to back at its deepest point. Does that help?


Is this still available?



Hi Claire, yes it is

Thanks Mary -

I know my neighbour was after one, so will check in with her tomorrow and get back to you as soon as heard.

Thanks for your patience


Thanks, yes, do let me know

Hi Mary

She’s definitely interested - just making some calls to find out who can pick it up.

In the meantime, can you let me know if you get any other interest and I’ll get back to you as soon as she’s sorted transport?

By the way, which road are you on?

Many thanks,


Allison rd

Thanks -

She hasn’t had any luck with transport yet.

She said she’ll try and sort something after Christmas.

If anyone else gets in touch, please let me know and I’ll give her a nudge if she hasn’t got back to me.

Thanks for your patience and understand if someone else can sort things sooner.



Hi Claire, washing machine gone now. Thanks for your interest

Thanks for letting me know, Mary.

I’ll pass on to my neighbour.



Great washing machine for whoever takes it - just bought similar recently.



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