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Free - wallpaper steamer & tools, kettle, filter jug, heat gun

Hi all,

I've listed these on Streetbank but thought I'd put them here too.  Someone was interested in the wallpaper steamer but I haven't heard from him, so it's first come first served.  I have a few tools to go with the steamer - a wide-bladed scraper, a long-handled scraper and a spiky tool for pricking holes in your wallpaper pre-steaming.

The kettle and filter jug are only a couple of years old but I've replaced them with a filter kettle.  The kettle has a crack in the plastic bit of the lid but I superglued it back together and it's not completely obvious.

The heat gun has been very useful for removing paint from woodwork and also vinyl tiles from a floor, but is no longer needed (hurrah!).  Well I may use it to remove some gloss paint from my kitchen wall tonight as my fitters are worried plaster won't stick to it, but it will be available to pick up by Thursday at the latest.

If you're looking out for any other tools let me know, I'm not ready to give anything else away yet but may be able to lend them. 

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I'm interested in the wallpaper streamer and tools

Hi Sarah 

I would be very grateful for the heat gun as i am just about to start redecorate.Have sent you a friends request.


The heat gun and wallpaper steamer have been claimed! 

Suspect I'll end up taking the kettle and filter jug to the charity shop...

Only the filter jug left now!



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