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Free Viscount Fantasia Deluxe Organ - not working but possibly fixable!

We have a Viscount Fantasia Deluxe Organ that we want to get rid of - we bought it for £100 in a shop in Glasgow, it was working fine then when we moved it from the studio to our house it stopped working... I suspect someone who knows about these things would be able to get it working again.

Its the same as this one pictured here (apologies its in French!)


We are in Conway Road.

Let me know if you'd like any further info!



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Hi Clare. I can't get any sense out of the link you posted. But if it is a full size keyboard type organ then I could be interested. Can you let me know please

There was a suspicious concealed link which has now been removed and the link redirected to the url shown.

Oops - thanks Hugh (first time posting here so still learning my way around!)

Also attached some (not great quality!) photos here

Let me know if you have any further questions Priya!




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