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Thanks for all of the interest, I have nearly ran out of plants (aside from those I've messaged)

As is the case every year, I have planted too many tomato seeds and now have far too many plants for my small garden. I have around 40 healthy tomato plants I am happy to give away.

I have a mix of varieties (although no guarantee!). Listed in order of what I have more of:

  • Ace 55
  • Moneymaker (cherry)
  • Red Cherry
  • Tigerella (all quite small, might just be this variety?)
  • Garden Delight
  • Golden Sunrise
  • Heinz 1350
  • Marmande
  • San Marzano
  • A few 'mystery' plants

You are welcome to come and collect as many as you'd like. I am based on Beresford Road, near Wightman road intersection. Please message me to let me know what you'd like, or how many plants you'd like and I'll give you a lucky dip. Happy to give away one of each if you think you have space for 10 plants! I would like to keep the pots - would prefer you bring a pot to transplant into and leave my pots here please! Currently they are in pots about 16 cm diameter and 13 cm tall (and will soon be wanting a bigger pot).

Please message me to coordinate collection - during the afternoon/early evening is fine most days the coming week, as early as today/tomorrow (Tuesday 28th afternoon/evening would be preferred, or Friday 31st afternoon/evening). If I am not here I can probably leave them out front to be collected. Gold coin donation towards seed/soil would be appreciated but by no means necessary!

Would also be quite happy to receive any surplus plants of other vegetables/flowers if anyone has any.



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Hi KB - have sent a connection request so I can message you - very keen for plants for a school summer fair! 

Hi KB, If there are any remaining I would love to take some, and give a donation to you.

Hi tlTosh, Still plenty, send me a message when you're available , tomorrow or Friday ideal if possible. Thanks 

Hi KB, just sent you a friends request. Friday early evening would be fine by me.

Hi KB, I sent a PM to you a couple of days ago. Did you receive it?

I would like 4 plants please, but only small tomato variety of you have them. I can replace the pots. I would like to come Friday afternoon. Thanks

Hello, I foolishly planted seeds outside and the slugs had a feast. Do you have any plants left? I could collect anytime today or this early evening. Any variety is fine .

If you still have any tomato plants left (great if 'San Marzano'), I can come this after 4pm today. Thank you.


I would love any that are left. Mine have not faired well with the fluctuating weather. I can come friday afternoon

Hi all,

The aptly-named "Friday Ketchup" has resulted in a lot of requests! I have now replied to everyone who has sent a message/connection and assuming all collect, I think I am about out of plants. If anyone doesn't collect today I will message the remaining commenters in this thread.

Anna is also going to have a lot of tomatoes for sale in a couple of weeks (Sat 15th June) at the South Harringay School Fair - see https://harringayonline.com/events/summer-fair-2024-south-harringay... for details.



I can't see a reply to me, but never mind, it was a great offer!

Have you any left please? 
i have sent a connection invitation. 




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