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Duresta sofa, recently expensively renovated with machine washable quality covers and new seat cushions.

Dimensions H70/D120/W205

Free to good home. Living room is being given makeover and its face no longer fits.

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Hi there I'd like the sofa please! My number is 07956863299, and my name is Kieran.


Dear Julie

I would love to have the sofa if it still available. Please let me know. Maria

Oh please. It would be great to get rid of it. Our building works have started

07790 176231

Lovely, I would need to arrange the transportation, could I give you a call tomorow morning to arrange a convenient time for you? Of course I would try to do it as soon as possible.

Many thanks

We can keep it clean until then, hopefully (the covers are machine washable though.) Our builder will be at home. Call him on 07956 244247 if you can't contact me in the working day.

OK, I will do that many thanks

Any luck with organising transport?

Hi Julie

 I managed to get a friend of mine who does deliveries to do the job, but he made me realised that I took the wrong measures. I measured the door with to see if the sofa could go though., which was 75. But what I did not realised is that the actual available space is less, due to the frame, so unfortunately, there is no way to put it though my door. He obviously had experience on this  and was the first thing he asked me...   I am very sorry  that I made you waist this two days, I know how stressful is when you have builders.

So again my sincere apologies and I really hope I did not cause too much trouble. 

No problem. It is a very big sofa. We have to put it through the window!



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