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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A free 3 week course to develop & enhance your digital skills with the production of an online zine. 

We wish to get people of all backgrounds to celebrate the diverse/rich culture of Britishness and the impact POC have had in the UK for centuries. Through the creation of a Zine, we aim to communicate new narratives about what it means to be British... 


You’ll learn researching skills and how to use digital archives to access uncovered history. As well as skills in archiving, networking, visual communication, collaboration, employability, and other digital skills including developing confidence online. 


This is a 3-week hybrid learning course, with in person production shoots in studio. Starts 8th July 2022 


All participants must have access to a computer or laptop.  


Sound like something you’re interested in? For more information and to register your interest, please email: learning@collage-arts.org or call 07913 112 481. 

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What is the aim of this? There seems to be a concerted effort to rewrite history and insert 'facts' to suggest Britain has always been a multicultural society. It wasn't. 

That David Olasogu has a lot to answer for. I don't mind people dealving into recent history to highlight lives of the various individuals from India and other colonies who've done something noteworthy. New information and perspectives are good. Olasogu and others on the other hand find 'facts' to suit their narrative. I hope this post is not encouraging other to do the same.

Hello Dan and Maddy, 

We definitely appreciate your words and opinions on this matter.  We agree that new information and perspectives are great!  

Our main focus is not in “rewriting” British history as we know it, but we aim to give people of diverse backgrounds, the opportunity to recognise positive role models with similar backgrounds, ie: to celebrate people who came before them to Britain and played a significant role in history.


The phrase “Can’t Be What You Can’t See” encapsulates what we mean, we feel POC history in Britain has not been as accessible as it should be.  And if these records of history were more widely accessible, it would inspire a whole new generation to achieve greater things.  We believe that representation is a key motivator.  By creating a digital magazine that is representative and learning the skills that go along with that, it would go some way to achieving this, and inspire people to achieve more.


We’re more than happy to answer any more of your questions or queries on this subject matter and our aims with this workshop, so please feel free to send us an email and we can have a chat! 



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