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Fish tank available for collection. 

Large size, 64 litre capacity, can suit several fish.

In good condition but some algae needs to be removed.

Two built in lights, and curved glass for a panoramic view.

Two sizes of internal cartridge filters also available - CF2 and PF1 - both in working order, with a small chip on the lid of the larger capacity CF2 filter. 

Send me a private message (click here for info) if you're interested, and I'll put the tank in the front garden for you to collect. It's relatively heavy to carry so you may need a vehicle, or a wheelbarrow if you're close by - Lancaster Road N4.

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Is this still available? I sent you a PM but didn't hear back.


Hi Laurence, I'm so sorry - I gave up checking - for any response and I'm not a regular user of HOL. Yes its still available - if you are still looking. 

You don't need to check, Alan. If you've used a genuine email, you'll get notifications of any replies to your posts. 

Yes apologies again to Laurence, I failed to spot the email alert back in May as well unfortunately. 

Hi Alan, don't worry, but I don't need it now.

For anyone else reading this thread, this is a very good model - all the bits you need (light, filter, hood) built in - I got an identical one from somewhere else.

Hi Alan. If this is still available I'm interested. Have sent you a PM. 




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