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I have a bean bag worth (3 bin bags worth) of bean bag beans I'd rather not just throw away - does anyone want them to either fill a new bag or top up an old one?

Let me know if anyone is interested, thank you. 

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I have a bean bag that could do with a top up, but not sure I'd need the full 3 bin bags worth.
Hi Mark, they are kitchen bin bags - so not huge ones - but any that you can use rather than going to landfill would be great to get rid of, will send you connection request.

"a bean bag worth (3 bin bags worth) of bean bag beans" took me three reads :) 

Haha, well I'm pleased to have offered an entertaining 20 seconds or so (slow day at work huh? ;) )

I’ve accepted the connection request and sent a message, but I can’t find the message section on my home page. Any advice? I thought of sending you another message but realised that would be a bit pointless under the circumstances, hence the comment instead.

Hi Mark, it's under HoL Mail in top right of screen but I think my message didnt send. I will try resending so you should get a notification. 

Ah, I did look there. Did you get my message?

Yep, replied last night, did you get the reply?

Did you get my latest message? 

Yes I just did, and yes I'm home now. (Not sure which one you'll see first!)

Hi, I've sent you another direct message. 



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