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That's what we have to look forward to - with a short respite on the second weekend in June. People who want to use the park in this lovely weather will find half of it blocked and the other half filled with concert vehicles, litter, etc not to mention the sound levels. And those of us wanting to spend the weekends relaxing in our gardens with have a constant background of thumping music.

I really don't object to it being used for one or two weekend concerts per year, but this is well over the top - there are more in September - and deprives us both of use of a public amenity and of our right to peace. If the neighbours were regularly playing music this loud we could call the council, but in this case they are the ones responsible.

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Can't wait for the Community Festival, amazing line-up. And Liam is going to be EPIC. 

surely we don't need another thread about events in the park. 

Why ? Have they been cancelled ? 

We just ha e to put up and shut up apparently. Nothing we can do about it , the only up side is that the money raised from the concerts has to be used on Finsbury Park so that is something good coming out of it hopefully. I very much agree with you and have put a similar thread on here when We got the booklet saying how many concerts were being held this summer . Some people agree some people think you are just being a fun sponge .

It wouldn't matter to me too much if the music wasn't such chavvy garbage. Just contrasting it with the lineups of some of the Victoria Park events... 

Too right.

Gonna make the connection between chavvy and black there 

Queens of the Stone Age, Liam Gallagher ? Chavvy? 

I wouldn't describe myself as chavvy, thanks very much.

today is pumping house music and quite beautiful. 

apart from what they playing now, I which will be in my opinion is the lowest common denomitor of house. kind of kiddy cheesy House one would hear at a bad bar in Faliraki. I'm hoping for something a bit more grown once the sun goes down and redolent of 1989 - 1995.

I suspect this sort of snobbery is the real reason for a lot of these objections...



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