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Due to fire regulations surrounding loft conversions and converted flats, we are having to replace most of our internal pine wood doors with fire doors.

The doors come without any finish and without the handles (we'll be needing those!). One of the doors has glazing in the top two panels (which is incredibly difficult and expensive to replace with a fire door equivalent, unfortunately). I can send pictures if anyone is interested but would like more info.

Anyone who wants them is free to come and take them over the weekend. It would be a shame to just chuck them in the skip :(

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I might be interested. Are these the original Victorian doors? Thanks

I don't think they are original Victorian doors, but they are in that kind of style (i.e. the four panel style).

I'll post some pics up when I get back tonight. Cheers!

I'm looking for four doors. If you could post some photos and the measurements that would be very helpful. Many thanks

I'm interested too, could you post pics?

Just realized that I didn't specify how many doors there are!

There will be between 2-4 regular doors, in addition to the semi-glazed door. The final number depends on which doors we can get away with not having to replace to be honest, but I'll have an idea of that by the end of Friday.

I think the doors are all a standard 30" width, although I might need to double check that.

I would be interested in all of these if the right size, and if they were still avaliable

I've attached some photos of the doors.

3 of the full pine doors, have dimensions 30" by 78". We're definitely getting rid of two of these, possibly all three.

The glazed door also has dimension 30" by 78".

1 of the full pine doors has dimensions 27" by 78". It's unlikely we will need to replace this one, but I'll find out for sure tomorrow.

If more than one person is interested, I'll try to prioritize anyone who can take everything at once. Failing that, I'll be as fair as I can with first refusal etc. To be honest, I'm pleasantly surprised there is this much recycling interest . If only I'd thought about doing this earlier, I could have one more door to give away but sadly that's already in the skip (unless someone wants to dig it out!...)

These are a bit too modern for what I'm looking for, but thanks for posting pics Joss.


Are the doors still available? We could collect tomorrow if that helps?


There were a couple of other people interested who I haven't heard back from (excluding Nick), but apart from that they are still available. I should be able to update on that in a couple of days though.

Unfortunately, we now won't be getting the new doors fitted until next week at the earliest (or the week after at the latest, the Carpenter told me today), so they won't be available this weekend in any case I'm afraid.

Also, I can confirm that it will be three 30" by 78" full pine and one 30" by 78" semi-glazed to pick up.


One last bump to give away these doors.

Recap on what sizes and how many etc:

Three 30" by 78" and one 27" by 78" four panel pine doors. One 30" by 78" semi-glazed pine door.

These aren't original victorian doors (I think they're probably inexpensive ones from Wickes or somewhere similar), but still if anyone wants them let me know or I'll be skipping them tomorrow.




I'm interested in one of the 30" by 78" solid doors. Have just sent a connection request, thanks!



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