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We were walking along the path from Ridge Road past Chettle Court to Mount View Road this morning and found a tiny black kitten asleep in the brambles.  She's probably no more than 6 weeks old so we've taken her home, fed her, tried to get rid of her fleas and given her a little bed.

She's obviously been handled by humans as is quite friendly and bold, if a little delicate.  She hasn't made a sound since we picked her up and doesn't seem upset but has clearly been outside for a while judging by the amount of fleas she has.

If anyone has lost her, please get in touch as she's too young really to have been separated from her mother.  I know when my 6 year old gets home from school we are going to have the most terrible struggle parting with her if she is claimed and if no one does claim her, we'll probably keep her. 

But if you are frantic, having lost a kitten, let me know!  She's no bigger than the palm of my hand.

I will take her to the vets to have her checked over but wanted to wait to see if she belonged to anyone first.


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Good on you for looking after her! If she has a lot of fleas you're better off taking her to the vets asap, as fleas can cause blood loss, and if she's really tiny it's imperative this is stopped asap. Sounds like she'll have her happy ending after a rough start! I'm guessing she will end up with you...

Hi Louise, I agree with Annette's advice about getting her to the vet ASAP; given the weather and how young she is, best to check that she hasn't suffered any possible damage from dehydration. Lucky for her you came along!

You lovely person.  Yes, I agree. Send her straight to the vets. Fleas can be fatal on such a young kitten. Poor little mite. Good luck ! 

Hello all, thanks for all your advice re fleas and dehydration - Phoebe has been treated by the vet and is now curled on a cushion looking very happy.  She has the total adoration of two very excited girls and will be much loved after her dodgy start in life. xxx

That's so lovely! Thanks for the update. And the happy ending.

This is one very happy girl with her kitten Phoebe. 

what a lovely photo - and a very lucky cat! May she bring lots of smiles to you all :-)



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