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We just found a suitcase left out on the pavement in front of our house on Duckett Road.

It has a tag with the name F**** C*******and the address Flat 8, 3/F, Hiap Teck Bldg, No 2-8 SingWoo Rd, Hong Kong.

I'm guessing there aren't a lot of people in Hong Kong by that name, so it sounds like it belongs to this F****** C****:


"F****** C**** has been working in Hong Kong Education for the past 8 years. She is a qualified CELTA teacher from International House, London and is also a recognised ReadWrite inc Teacher with Oxford University Press. She has taught kindergarten years to HKSDE level students, ranging from one-on-one to a 30+ sized class. First working with Yew Cheung International Arts and Language Centre as their in-house NET teacher, F***** played a key role in the development of the school’s English curriculum program. She pursued this love of language material by developing and creating the HKCEE English in Literature course syllabus for schools such as Chinese Foundation Harmony, Chai Wan. She qualified with an MA Hons in English Literature and History of Art from The University of St Andrews."

Doesn't sound like the kind of person who would fly-tip on our street, so I'm assuming she must have dropped/forgotten it...



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Did she solve the mystery?!

This is what she told me:

"Still not entirely sure;  lived in London for the of summer '10 and had a suitcase I left behind at my sister's place on Digby Crescent near Finsbury Park. I presume that when she left that place in Jan '11 it somehow got left behind then passed on to a dump or something. No idea how exactly it came to be sitting on the road outside Michael's home. When he contacted me I was on holiday and before I could reply he posted on your site."



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