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Very sweet grey kitten with loud miaow found in north view road - very cute indeed, it had been yowling in the street for a while, couldn't leave it out in this weather. will get it checked for a microchip asap.

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He's a sweetie, but judging by his eyes, a little agitated. Although he looks well looked after.

aw! we found an abandoned kitten, he was 6 weeks old. we phoned around and organised for someone from the cat protection league to collect him. i told the kids 'we are not keeping him' 8 years later he is still here with us... just saying

I also have an old rescue cat who does not mix well with others, so I can't keep kitty sadly. she's only 6 months, not microchipped and super friendly. will be sad, but I think cats protection it has to be. 

He looks like a mini-me version of my cat. I would love to have him but my boy would eat him for breakfast :-/


Was the kitten microchipped?

I am looking to rehome/adopt a cat so if home is needed get in touch :)



No she wasn't sadly, and no sign of an owner so she went off to live with a lovely lady in Hampstead at the weekend - very sad to see her go, which is more than I can say for my old boy who was very grizzly about the whole thing! 

Hayley if you are looking to adopt a kitty there's this gorgeous girl on the Archway Cats Protection website. http://www.cats.org.uk/northlondon/adopt-a-cat/?cid=76318 her name is Cookie and she has the most beautiful, characterful face and loves standing up like a meerkat!

Thank you Lauren. I will give them a ring : )

Brill! Please let me know how you get on :)
There us a lady who rehomes lots of cats locally her name is Anna lee, please contact me for her info and never buy a cat, there is no need

Hi Terri, would you be able to send me Anna's details? I have a gorgeous indoor cat that I am having trouble taking care of, but really want her to go to someone local. x

Hi, Please send me Anna's details. Many Thanks



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