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Walking North along LHS of Green Lanes between Beresford Road and Effingham Road today at around 1.30pm we found a grey kitten, around 6 months old, no collar. It had a slightly bloody nose but otherwise fine, apart from seeming very lost. We took it to Wood Green animal charity on Lordship Lane. They checked and it does not have a microchip. If this is your cat please contact Wood Green Animal charity. They will keep it and get it checked over. They are confident they could re-home it and will do that if not collected in 7 days.

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What a beauty! Well done you for picking it up, it's so nice to know there are people like you out there and Wood Green charity is a great place to take it to-that's where I got my lovely cat! Do they know if it's a boy or girl?

They may do, but I didnt find out. Credit goes to my visiting sister for taking action - I was dithering ... should we/ shouldnt we? ... and her having a car made the whole thing easier!! Glad that we did - staff at WGAS were very helpful and I was relieved that they could take the cat off our hands! ( I have two already)

We did put a couple of posters on the street so if owners are looking they will know to contact WGAS. 

Oh my goodness what a little beauty!!!



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