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Has anyone lost an un neutered male black cat who is not microchipped.
He seems to be in very good condition, very friendly, calm, looks quite young.

If it sounds like s cat you know or have lost please contact me. 07712611868



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Remember to log the found cat's details on Animal Search.

It could be one of those situations where the owner has a young cat which has got outside by mistake before being microchipped and neutered. Or sometimes people don't know that a cat needs to be neutered and microchipped before letting the cat outside.

Done it this morning and booked him in for neutering on Thursday if the owner doesn't come forward before hand.
Not sure although he has made himself at home. I'm a full time student so managed to get the neutering for free. I'll keep on hunting for the owner. Once he is allowed out after his op he might find his way back home. If nobody comes forward I will probably keep him as the kids will be very attached.
I thought I might have found the owner. Someone coming round tomorrow to double check if it's their cat. Otherwise he is fine. Getting bored staying indoors I guess. Can't grove how many people have card without micro chipping or neutering and then get upset when their pets go missing.
There is a small distinguishing make that this owners knows about. I really hope it's him and they live about a mile from where the cat was found. It sounds positive. Fingers crossed.
Just to let you know that the cat I have is not the one advertised as list. I met with the owners already.

Rex was neutered, micro chipped, de flead and de wormed yesterday. He went into the garden for the first time this morning and ran back in when I called him. Since we have named him and the owner has still not come forward I guess he will be staying.

Thanks again for all the advice.


You're a star for helping Rex!



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