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He has been around our house for a couple of days and he seems he is lost and doesn't know how to get back to his house.

We took him inside as he seemed hungry and lost.

Let us know if you know where he lives...

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My black female cat has been missing since Tuesday. From Falkland Road She has no collar but microchipped.

I've attached photo but you can't see white fleck that is just above her chest.
I am out at the moment but if she is still at our house when I get back I will drop you a message x
Brilliant, thank you. Can I ask whereabouts you are? If cat isn't around where you can see her then she might still be in area.
Thank you. Was she fairly big and loud? My partner is going to walk 'round in a bit as I've broken my back so stuck on sofa, unfortunately. She's never disappeared before and is 13 years old.
Could you come around now? She is just in our garden!
No because of my broken back. My partner and lodger are putting kids to bed. Can you take cat in and we'll come in next 30 mins? Is that possible, please?
No problem x
Thank you so much!! You've been brilliant. We're so happy :)
We are SO glad you found your cat! We enjoyed having her overnight- she was very sweet and a lovely guest ;)



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