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Former Harringay lamp post is Iron Maiden icon with its own Facebook Page

Twitter has been doing its stuff today and has turned up another fascinating Harringay fact. Apparently a lamp post that used to stand in Endymion Road on the railway bridge across the Great Northern Railway line was used by commercial artist (and then local resident) Derek Riggs for the illustration of Iron Maiden's 1981 album Killers.

By all accounts, the lamp post has become such an icon with Maiden fans that it now has its own Facebook page where fan used to post pictures of themselves posing in front of the lamp post. 

Sadly for them, the lamp post has now gone. Google Street View has the last image of it in May 2019

Thanks to Michael Jones and Seema Chandawani for the lead on this titbit.

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Having cajoled my husband into going for a "we've really nothing else to do, we're in lockdown" exercise walk in January by promising him something interesting to look at, I was dismayed at how underwhelmed he was to see this (even though the actual lamp post has gone).

I have to say, I can see his point of view.

Looking at a wall where an old lamp post used to stand wouldn’t make it on to my bucket list!

We'd walked literally every other walk in the area by this point and I was seriously scraping the barrel. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


This made me laugh, thank you both. Very moody photo Hugh.


Amazing. As a life long metal head and daily user of the bridge I am very proud. 

For perhaps the first time in my life, I am sad that there are not lamppost preservation orders (like tree preservation orders)...

I think it’s the one on the corner.

I seem to remember when I looked that Google Street View couldn't offer a perfect replication of the album cover. So, I went with the one the lamp post Facebook fan page uses. If you haver a suggestion for one that better fits the bill, please provide a screenshot, because I can't find it. 

While the founder members of Iron Maiden were from (proper) East London their long-serving drummer, Nicko McBrain, went to school at Wood Green County School (now Woodside High, on White Hart Lane)



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