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We need to free up space taken by the books that children have grown out of.

The books are all in really good and clean condition  coming from a pet free, non-smokers home as can be seen in the photos.


You can buy any number of lots you wish and they are to be collected from Fairfax Road on Haringey Ladder. Just send me a text on 0779 615 2407





  • Lot 1: Harry Potter entire series (7 books) - perfect for new fans to own their own set - £10
  • Lot 2: Kids books (13 books) - £5
  • Lot 3: Cows In Action (12 books) hilarious set of books good for six yrs and up - £3
  • Lot 4: Cat in the hat (10 books) Good for kids learning to read- £3
  • Lot 5: 100 Facts (10 books) Lovely non-fiction collection with great photos etc - £3
  • Lot 6: Teen fiction books (10 books) - £5
  • Lot 7: Books about space- National Geographic, Brian Cox etc - perfect for kids but also good for adults(7 books) - £15
  • Lot 8: Osborne Beginners (39 books) beautiful books for kids learning to read - each book on a different subject, Animals, bugs, the earth, trucks, volcanoes etc these were the favourites in our house for many years - £25
  • Lot 9: David Walliams (5 books) see image for details- £2

Lot 2:

Lot 4:

Lot 5:

Lot 6:

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Hi I'd love lot 1 and 8 if they're still going.

I'd be interested in lot 3 and 9. 

Still some books remaining so please let me know if you're interested and offers are welcome.



Would anyone be interested in the whole lot for £10 ?

Hi there, I am interested in the lot 2 set. But would be interested in the whole lot that is left. Thank you. 

Is lot 4 still available?

I'd be interested in lot 6 teen books



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