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Really good condition and has been stored in our shed. £150. Some damage to basket but fully usable.

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I’m very interested.

can I ask if it’s 26 inch frame or wheels? Just trying to work out if it would be a fit for me!

i’m about 5ft 5 ish...

Hehe...  Wheels..  

Apologies if that was a silly, or a  poorly phrased question Philip, I just wanted to find out if the frame would fit my height, but thanks for making me feel so much better on what has already been a shower of a day.

haha no worries, its 17" frame.

Thanks Ben.

I think it might be a good size... would you let me know where you are and when might be convenient to pop around (social distantly, of course!)

Hi Queenie, Ros, my wife has informed me that there is some damage to the basket i did not describe. But she said its still perfectly usable and and be replaced cheaply and she has taken it into account when pricing. Sorry for any confusion. (See 3rd pic)

feel free to pop round and give in a try, we can leave it in the front garden for you. 

That’s no problem about the basket. where are you? 

3 Roseberry gardens my number is 07540 251298

Great, I shall pop round in the next 30 mins or so, if that's Ok?


Hi Queenie, i need to go out (bit of an emergency), sorry! i can message you when im back.



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