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For Sale: Book - Campbell Bunk: The Worst Street in North London Between the Wars (Unused / Brand New)


I finally got round to buying a copy of this wonderfully interesting book about a street in Finsbury Park. 

The first seller I ordered it from got back to me and said that they only supply educational establishments. They said they'd cancel the order and refund my payment.

Without waiting to confirm, I ordered a copy elsewhere. Lo and behold, today I find that I have two copies. 

The store who acted in error is happy to collect the book and refund me. But I thought first I'd check to see if anyone wants it locally. 

I paid £14.00 for the paperback version. The standard price seems to be £20.00.

If anyone would like to take this off my hands and read a fascinating chapter in our local history, it's yours. 

More on Goodreads.

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David, I hope you enjoy it. Some years ago, passing by Seven Sisters Road what had become Whadcoat St, it was still possible to see 'Campbell Road' painted on the end house. Alas, that is now painted over. Only the memories remain.



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