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Hello everyone! 

I am a new resident of the Harringay area and am very happy to be here!

I've just recently learned that as I live in a flat above a shop, I am unfortunately not eligible for the food waste recycling service from the council. I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the direction of a local community garden, facility, organisation, or even individual that would be willing to accept my food waste for composting? It consists only of fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds and tea bags.

I have also reached out to my local councillors about this issue but have not received a reply yet.

Thanks very much for your suggestions!

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Everyone in Harringey should be eligible for food waste collection - https://www.haringey.gov.uk/environment-and-waste/refuse-and-recycl... 

Have you emailed Viola directly about this? Or do you use the shop's commercial bins?

Hi allegra, 

Both Veolia and London Recycles state on their websites that flats above shops are excluded from this service.

No, I have not yet contacted Veolia about this issue – I thought I'd ask my local councillors and this community first. I am also aware that businesses usually have to pay to get rid of their waste so I am not sure how amenable they would be.

We have had this same problem (now live in a large block but the housing association won't arrange a food waste collection). Our current solution is to use the food waste bins attached to local housing estates. If you have a look around, the chances are that they'll be a communal one you can take your waste to.

that's what I was going to suggest. I live on a council estate and as long as you don't contaminate the bins I'd have no problem with you using the bins here! They never fill up, the main issue is contamination and then Veolia don't empty them... half of the bins on the estate have been removed due to contamination and never replaced too.

Have you tried contacting Cllr Seema Chandawani? She;s the cabinet member with responsibility for this waste, amongst other issues and is normally very responsive.

Email:  seema.chandwani@haringey.gov.uk

Mobile:  079 7135 3618

If you use Twitter, she's normally very responsive on that  - @cllrseema. Do mention @harringayonline in your tweet if you'd like to. 

Interesting issue

Remember when food waste first started

Was a issue for flats above shops, as to where they could be placed on pavements etc

Stay green and put it in Rubbish, as it is currently being transported miles away, while they up grade Edmonton plant. As does produce Energy & heat when incinerated 


I have the exact same issue and I did contact Veolia about it and they told me to speak directly to the council. I've not heard back from my local councillors though.

It does seem pretty illogical that residents above commercial properties pay the same council tax as everyone else but don't have access to the same services. And given that Haringey Council have already declared a Climate Emergency you'd expect them to be trying to reduce landfill/incineration where possible.

My one hope is that as the council are currently installing permanent containers for residential waste above commercial properties this might resolve it.

Where can they secure them. Pavements are already cluttered and No retailer is going to have it attached to their property. As would cause Rodent Issues

Not aware of any food Restaurant or retailer that has a food waste service. Apart from Chain Shops

Not forgetting that All Rubbish is Incinerated , generating Energy & Heat 

And see very few people in my area or going around. Using food Waste Containers

My money on less than 10% are used in the whole Borough



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