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Many thanks to those who have donated, including local Hornsey schools. The gospel centre food bank, formerly part of Haringey Food bank are still in need of items to give to our vulnerable visitors. Mainly, we need

  • tinned meat
  • tinned fish
  • tinned vegetables / pulses
  • rice
  • tinned desserts
  • pasta
  • sauce etc and toiletries

We continue to receive many visitors in need. There is no where else immediately in the area for people to go. Indeed many of our people come from the Finsbury Park area  and still many from N17. This is especially relevant as  the new Tottenham food bank is not yet open.

Our opening hours at The Gospel Centre, corner of Wightman Road and Raleigh road N8 0LT  are Tuesday 6.30-8.30pm and Sunday 11.30-1pm. We will be happy to chat with you about the food bank.

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I dropped some things off while shopping in Crouch End at two different shops. Is that in the area you are talking about?

I can confirm that items dropped at the Waitrose in Crouch End will go to the Muswell Hill Food Bank, and are also gratefully received. Thank you. 

Hi, I may well have some food bits that I can donate, are there any particular types of toiletries and I assume they must be unopened, thanks.

I will drop by and see if I can get others to donate too

Thanks for your replies. We are not collecting from shops at present. It could be that any donations to them will be diverted elsewhere such as Muswell Hill Food bank. I gave our address previously, so please can donations be dropped there. If there are problems you have doing this then please let me know and will see what I can do. As regards toiletries then soap, shower gel, deodorants, toothpaste are the main needs. Yes it's best if unopened though a single soap within a multi pack which is still individually wrapped are okay.

Many thanks

Great, always glad to donate and not throw away! I will see what I have.



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