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Culture minister Hugh Robertson rules out a crackdown on fixed odds betting terminals, saying there is a lack of evidence to support a link with problem gambling

While he accepted that "common sense suggests that [problem gambling linked to betting shop machines] is a major problem", he added "there is a lack of evidence to back that up".

Article in today's Guardian.

[I suppose we shoudl be grateful that the cash being poured into these machines is doing so on solid ground, not going to online overseas tax avoiders.]

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Wow -

"Britain's biggest bookmaker William Hill already makes takes more in winnings through the 9,000 betting machines in its shops than it does through all other forms of traditional sports betting combined.

Ladbrokes, which has more than 8,000 slot machines, sees £10bn staked on machines in its shops a year — and the touch-screen games remain one of the fastest growing products its shops."

Government doesn't always need evidence for its decisions. But in the face of this multi-billion pound industry it does...

The government are looking for some kind of "Milly Dowler" moment, not evidence. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and of course common sense as he has mentioned. The clustering, crime and concentration in working class areas is not evidence of something definitely wrong. We need to find some families that have been completely screwed over but, I think that will be hard as it's not something likely to be admitted to.

I had a friend who worked in the William Hill at Wood Green. He told me that guys would come in with their debit cards on pay day and point to a machine and load up £500 on it. Often coming back for another go. I see the crime, I see the clustering, I see the money that the companies behind them are making but I just don't see the families blighted by debt. Where are the fathers who are spending everything they can on these machines? It's billions, there must be some. I guess even if we did find some the Tories and the gambling industry would put it down to personal problems... 

If gambling ''isn't a problem'' why do gamblers anonymous exist ?



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