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I know there are quite a few threads on this already, but wondering if anyone has any recent recommendations for high quality bespoke fitted wardrobes and alcove shelving. Fair amount of potential follow-up work if initial stuff impresses. Thank you advance!

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We had our alcove shelving made by a kiwi carpenter, Aymon. Fantastic value, great guy. His number is +44 7743 667244

Thank you! I don't suppose I could be cheeky and ask for a pic of the shelves? No problem if not, I'm sure Aymon will have photos of his work he can share when I contact him. Thanks again!

Hi Magnus, did you find anyone? I'm hoping to do similar sounding work so any recommendations very much appreciated.

Hi Donna. I got a couple of quotes (including from Aymon - who was very nice), but in the end I couldn’t really justify the spend so decided to DIY it. Took a bit longer, and maybe not quite as polished, but a nice little lockdown project.

Well done! And thanks for replying.

I'd recommend Aymon as well - he's done loads of work for me and is reliable and trustworthy.

I'm actually sorting out his website for him so if you don't mind that it's a work in progress here's some of his projects...


Thanks! Will get in touch with him.

Very nice - you could say he has found a 'niche' trade!



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