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This is a note to our neighbours on the lower section of Cavendish Road who set off rockets in the evening.

You may think this is fun - but for our six-months since rescued dog it is quite the opposite. Woken from a gentle bedtime routine we've nurtured over months, she was left wide-eyed and quaking with fear after you decided to send your loud, colourful rockets hurtling over our garden at 10pm on Saturday night. Each explosion sets her back a step into the fear and distrust that she's worked so hard to overcome since she joined us. She's not the only pet in vicinity either - do you think about them at all? 

There is also the wildlife to think of. The blackbirds that are nesting in the tall conifer just a few meters away from your garden; the wrens in the hedge a couple of doors up the road where the one rocket - veering off course and low over the gardens - exploded with mighty bang; and of course the fox cubs living in their den between the gardens of Burgoyne and Cavendish - did you know the parents sleep on the roof of the garden studio near where that final rocket exploded? You do now.

So in future, please have a thought for others, and stick to sparklers. 

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Been a issue for years Borough wide. I have idiots firing them a vehicles.

Police will come out. If shots fired reported. Live on Noel Park estate. And there are so many different Cultures having events Accept if during early evening 

Yes it scared our dog and baby last night too. Not sure what can be done about it

I so agree with you. This has been going on for weeks now and is terrible for cats dogs and wildlife. Doesn’t do people with anxiety much good either! Unfortunately these people probably don’t care and won’t read this.

I know those cubs! I haven’t seen the Dad for a few weeks though. A little worried about him. 

Totally agree. I love fireworks but wish they were regulated properly, so thoughtless for our pets whom are terrified, as well as being a danger to the wildlife



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