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not sure if this has been posted, but, FAB NEWS!!! Fireworks are back at Ally Pally this year.

after a two (or is it three??) year hiatus caused by (wonderful ) austerity cuts there will once again be whizz bang cracks at "the people's palace" this November.

follow this link for more information and early-bird ticket prices 


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Agree: it is good news for the Borough.

after a two (or is it three??) year hiatus caused by (wonderful ) austerity cuts

"Austerity cuts" has now become a cliche, used willy nilly. Used in this context, it reflects a lack of knowledge of our charity's finances.

Our Charity (I use these words advisedly) had for a long time, not been in a position to afford the past fireworks displays that did occur. Each of the 30 minute-spectaculars (and I enjoy them too) cost up to £100K including security. It was a brave and necessary decsion to can them under the previous arrangements.

I'm glad they're back, even if they have to be ticketed.

I think it's a great shame that it's ticketed now.  It was one of the few local events that brought everyone together.  Now for lots of families in Haringey it'll be too expensive.  How are you going to pay for (say) an adult and three children if you've got £160 a week to live on once you've paid your rent? (Result of the benefits cap).

Maybe some treats should be earned ... ?

Maybe, if there's any way of earning them. 

Theres a fair bit of work offered on this website. Really don't have to look far.



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