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Hi all,

Help required. Any idea where I might be able to get a firedplace to match this one??


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Have you tried the place on Amhurst Park? Friends found him very helpful. He keeps some odd opening hours, but there's always a sign in the window to let you know when he'll be back.

Grate Fireplace Revival Co
020 8802 6317
18a Amhurst Park, London, N16 5AG
Yes, you should try Original Features on 155 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End. Link here:

They also do victorian tiles etc, for those who still have tiled floors that may be falling apart. Not open Sundays, but seem to have pretty normal opening hours otherwise.
To match it, my guess is that you'd probably need to trawl the salvage places. I was up at a good one in Crews Hill a few weeks ago - on the left down a little lane as you come from Enfield, before you get to the main drag of gardening shops - just before, .....or just after, Wildwoods Water Garden Centre on the right.

There's also http://www.lassco.co.uk/. And, you could try a web search on architectural salvage.
There's always eBay, of course. I just found this which is similar to yours, though not quite the same and a bit pricey:


It's always worth keeping an eye on it, just in case.

this one is also quite like ladder house fireplaces (if you live on the ladder that is!)
There also used to be a shop on Essex Road between Balls Pond Road and Essex Road station that sold reclaimed fireplaces and inners. North London Salvage Co. I think.
I have a spare fire basket if anybody needs one. It's unused.
According to Mrs Bushy, there's a very similar one in the auction room on Hornsey High Street at the moment - she saw it there on Friday. We also have the same ones in our two reception rooms.



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