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With half of the park fenced off to allow 45,000 people to destroy the natural habitat the rest of us are under siege - we will be unable to leave our homes and open our windows.  Those who can have left the area but of course many can’t.  Drug dealers already busy and plenty of antisocial behaviour expected not to mention the unbearable noise.

None of this needed to happen - all of it inflicted on us by Haringey Council who can’t manage its finances so think the pittance they will get might help.  Not a thought for some of the most deprived people in our community now unable to use a much loved open space for the month of July.  This must stop and the perpetrator Haringey Council held accountable.   Add your voice to the 500+ people who have already signed. .https://www.change.org/p/hands-off-our-park you

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Oh let the kids have a bit of fun. 

This "history of events" that people quote, when did that start? I've lived here for more than 40 years and each year I've noticed that the event sites are getting bigger and bigger. And it's not just 3 days. It's a month when it's fenced off and then, when they've gone, there'll be no green space left. No grass, just compacted dirt. 'They' installed a noise measuring device at the back of my place to monitor the Wireless Festival. Surprise, the signal was jammed, I wonder who by?

And yet every year the grass grows back, and the footballers and tag rugby players return to use the space.

And the best of summer is denied to all other park users.

Is it though? Had a walk in the park this morning (too hot), but there were people in the playgrounds, having birthday parties, playing basketball, having picnics, sunbathing, running on the athletics track, and training (American football), and people enjoying the cafe by the boating pond. Does that sound like access being denied?

You’re absolutely right. The park is full of life, plenty of the normal activities going on.  It’s a huge space and well able to cope for a while.

This evening about 22:05 I phoned the Wireless etc.hotline - 020 8080 1459 - to ask them to turn the noise down. I was told that they couldn't do anything about this, so I ended the all, a complete waste of time.

At licensing committee meetings, event organisers always say "Oh we don't have many complaints' - This is because over the years residents know that their complaints are ignored so there is no point in complaining.

What is Haringey Council's Environmental Health Dept. doing to monitor this noise pollution - nothing.  Which isn't surprising as the Council are the park's landlords and getting an income.

This evening I sat in my garden with a glass of wine and listened to 2 Door Cinema Club. Really enjoyed it.

It was good, wasn’t it? We did the same! Even put the tent up and camped out as it was so pleasant! 

You recognised the group and no doubt the tunes. So of course you're going to enjoy it. I don't. For me it's an intrusion to my ears. Probably if it was an artiste that I liked and knew I might think differently but in my house if I was playing some music I would still have the option to turn the volume down or switch it off all together. With the noise coming from the park I don't have this choice.

They put a monitor in my back garden. The railway line, the Parkland walk and the park event site are all behind my home. But it didn't record anything. There's suspicion that it was jammed. But they were out in the surrounding roads with hand held monitors. Mine was collected on Monday and the guy said "See you next year. That suggests to me that they were only monitoring the Wireless festival last weekend, not the shows going on this weekend. Oh, and I was told there were two sets of monitors. One was Haringey and the other was independent. No Idea who hired the second team.

This morning, Sunday. I presume they're monitoring what's going on in the park but I can't see any gadgets they could be using except for their own phones that they are studying all the time. They're chasing the shade and have now moved to the other side of the road.




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