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With half of the park fenced off to allow 45,000 people to destroy the natural habitat the rest of us are under siege - we will be unable to leave our homes and open our windows.  Those who can have left the area but of course many can’t.  Drug dealers already busy and plenty of antisocial behaviour expected not to mention the unbearable noise.

None of this needed to happen - all of it inflicted on us by Haringey Council who can’t manage its finances so think the pittance they will get might help.  Not a thought for some of the most deprived people in our community now unable to use a much loved open space for the month of July.  This must stop and the perpetrator Haringey Council held accountable.   Add your voice to the 500+ people who have already signed. .https://www.change.org/p/hands-off-our-park you

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I was sitting in the cafe yesterday (Thur) afternoon with a friend and we couldn't hear ourselves talk, due to loud music blasting out from the site - don't think it was a sound check, but just because they could. We had to pick up our drinks and move to the other side of the park before it became bearable.

With music festivals taking place in Finsbury Park over the next two weekends, it’s important residents can quickly raise any concerns you may have.

Haringey Council have told me that a community phone line on 020 8080 1459 will be open from 8am-2am Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You can also email Festival Republic directly on FinsburyPark.residents@festivalrepublic.com

Above from Cattherine West on Facebook 

I’m not keen on the type of music we seem to get foisted upon us here lately, otherwise I’d be on the inside of the fence. A decent rock gig would be great or even classical, but I’m not into that dirt music they play. I recently bought some excellent noise-cancelling headphones Sony XM4, I highly recommend them. Also there are lots of lovely parks in the area, in fact Finsbury Park is quite grotty and has got worse in recent years, even when there are no concerts on, so perhaps try one of the others? Antiques Roadshow is in residence this weekend at Clissold though, so you can get the bus over to Tottenham and try the marshes, or the Goblin line over to Gospel Oak for the Heath. There’s also the train going from Harringay up to Lavender Hill, where you can walk through Whitewebbs and Forty Hall, or even take it up to Hertford North and walk to the beautiful country park there. So many options other than seething in your garden! Enjoy!!! 


Sorry to poop on your suggestion but I think the Goblin line is off this weekend (again).

It almost always is - wonder what they're up to? It can't still be making good the mistakes from the electrification programme a few years back.

So it would be fine if the concerts were rock or classical, but not this "dirt" music, but the park is grotty so what do you expect. The connotations there are seriously concerning to me. I'll say no more.

Also, the Goblin is working just fine.


But the connotations are seriously concerning...

Personally, I spilled my triple soy chai latte all over the letters page of the Guardian. Outrageous!

I don't read the Guardian and I don't drink any type of coffee, least of all the one you describe.

I find it upsetting and concerning that a certain genre of music is being referred to as "dirt" music. If you don't like a type of music just say you don't like it. Why the need to use a derogatory term and why "dirt". There are plenty of people who will understand EXACTLY where I'm coming from.

Which genre of music is called Dirt music?

Genuine question  - I've not heard of that genre before.



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