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Well I'm just lucky to be alive... just swam into work having survived the terrifying FLOODS OF FINSBURY!!!

Access to FP tube was partially shut off due to flooding this morning (you could still get trains but it was overcrowded), the road was flooded at Blackstock Road/Seven Sisters outside Lidl and you couldn't walk on the pavement by the road without getting a dirty shower of water by the cars bombing past. There's a flowing stream in the park where there isn't supposed to be one - on the grass - and the water's bubbling up from underneath the manhole cover.

I'm just off to light a candle and give thanks for my deliverance!


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It is the master plan for Ducketts to put an entrance opposite where the Queen's Head pub was. Hopefully the funding for this will come in the next few years.

(Note from Site Admin: Adam is Chair of the Friends of Duckett's Common)

I'm certainly OT here - today, the 1st May is a bank holiday where I am and it's currently 27°C degrees and sunny .. and been over 25°C for ten days now - was over 30°C at the weekend.. 

train spotting! http://www.flickr.com/photos/isarsteve/7131109541/in/photostream

My condolences!

Nothing to past Floods Wood Green High Road

Before they built to overflow Storage Tanks @ Woodside & Turnpike

Can think of a few sections of the park being turned into Extra Lakes -


When does a puddle become a flood?

Not need to reach for the thesaurus, Bethany. Pictures are worth a thousand synonyms. Simple and effective; and only needing a cheap camera.

But there may be a snag. This morning I reported - let's call it water pooling - on the red route in High Road Tottenham. I spoke to a very helpful Call Centre person at Transport for London (TfL). Unfortunately he wasn't able to view my photos and a few seconds of video.


Though you can use FixMyStreet and email attachments.

Many moons ago I just happened to be near Wards Corner in Tottenham with my camera. The whole junction was flooded and I got the shot of a lifetime of a boat (being towed by a car) creating a bow wave as it was pulled through the water. I think it was published in the Evening News (or maybe another paper at the time).



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