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Did you all get the what’s on Finsbury Park booklet throigh

the door at the weekend ? 

I am confused ,

on the back page there was a diary of events for the coming year 

It stated above that agreed by residents (I have no memory of being asked ) it is allowed to have up to 5 large festival events with up to 30K attending  a year 

then goes on to tel us of several events of which at least 6/7 seem to be full on festivals going on this year ? 

I am not sure and wondered if anyone else has noticed the same ? 

This bothers me for many reasons as Finsbury Park is at the end ofour Road and not wanting

to be a total fun sponge massive events Like Wireless In my opinion really should be in a field in the middle of nowhere , the noise being the least of the problems , not being able to get out of

our Road or park and traffic, and having young kids, hearing the artists swearing over the mike all over the Haringay skies isn’t my favourite bit . 

It Seems the boundaries are being stretched more and more every year .

Are they going too far now ? 

What are other people’s thoughts on the amount it’s beomg used ? 


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Finsbury Park events have FAR more impact on people in Hackney and Islington as the main gates face that way. Sadly none of the partygoers ever seem to come to Harringay for our amazing cuisine and nightlife. It's just a way for the council to "get some money" because they're poor and unable to get it from us. The cynical milking of this public asset when they could have simply raised EVERYONE's council tax tells you all you need to know about the current Muswell Hill based administration of the borough.

Thought so. I seem to remember Kenwood stopping all the lovely open air concerts they used to have over the summer because of the residents complaining about the noise, and they were civilised affairs, seems the council as per aren’t too fussed about the residents as long as they get money.

My question is, there are clearly more than 5 huge festivals this year so how are they getting away with it ? 

They can’t raise council tax and you know it. Any vote on an increase will be lost.

They absolutely can. You're wrong. Oh see, you're seeing they'd have to have a vote on it... well, quite.

If there is a referendum on raising council tax - which by law there needs to be - it will be lost. 

Not if those in favour simply say the other side is talking nonsense, oh and never mind all those facts they have, it's all a liberal elitist conspiracy

I've never personally been much affected by the Finsbury Park events. That aside I know that Haringey has an events policy. From a very quick scan, this offers some facts which are salient to your concern. It defines events as being in one of four categories: 

  • More than 10,000 - Major
  • 2.001 – 10,000 - Large
  • 501 – 2,000 - Medium
  • Less than 500 - Small

From the bottom of page 8 it has the following with specific reference to Finsbury Park:

Where the proposed event is due to take place in Finsbury Park then the following additional controls shall be applied:

  • Major scale events will be ordinarily limited to 5 per year, save where there is demonstrable community support for additional events.

  • Duration of major scale events will be of 1-3 days per event

  • Where the organiser is seeking a premises license for an event the final attendance

    numbers will be set as part of the premises licensing process.

  • Fairs will be limited to up to 3 occasions per year and where possible the location of fairs within the Park will be varied.

  • Circuses will be permitted, where this includes performing animals this must be limited to equine (horses, ponies and donkeys), dogs, and bird (budgerigars) acts.

  • No major scale events will take place during the school summer holidays.

  • Event space for major scale events will be agreed through the event planning


  • All tennis, skateboarding basketball, and children’s play facilities will be remain available whilst major events are taking place.

Haringey's Finsbury Park Major Events page seems to show 9 major events this year. This would appear to be at odds with the policy which limits the number to 5. However, given the scrutiny these events are under, I find it difficult to believe the the Council is operating beyond the limits set by its policy. 

There is a Finsbury Park Stakeholder Group that was set up to coordinate the community response to events in the park. They will I'm sure be able to clarify things for you. If there isn't a representative from your patch of the neighbourhood, I'm sure you can contact the Friends of Finsbury Park and ask them. 

In the meantime I'm attaching Haringey's event policy and a scrutiny report on Finsbury Park Events from 2015.

You can also read lots of other posts on this issue bu clicking the tag I've added under your original post.


Thank you Hugh. Always coming up with the goods. Thank you for shedding some light on my queries , I have looked it over and there are clearly so many major events going on and as for the skateboard park always being in use I’m pretty sure it isn’t when wireless is on . 

Really irritates us that the people who agree to these going ahead do it live here and aren’t affected by them like we are . 

I appreciate your input and knowledge .

Thanks for this Tris. It might be that this is the issue, but I'm still not clear what counts as an event. If you take, for example the 9-10 June, on a page for those events Haringey describe that weekend as two events. The same goes for the late June events and September ones. It could be that Haringey's description on those pages is just for PR purposes but the stakeholder group has agreed to treat then as single events.

I know these events are something that gets you hot under the collar, Tris. But, please keep hold of the fact that this isn't my concern. I'm trying to help Tina with her questions.

In my last comment I pointed out that with one breath Haringey call it two events and with another assume it's a single event. I've explained what I assume is happening (which, if you like, puts Haringey in the clear). But it shouldn't need assumption and explanation. Given the sensitivity of the issue Haringey really ought to be unequivocally clear. 

So Hugh. Am I getting something wrong on the booklet it says they are allowed to have p to 5 events with capacity 10-50K and on your chart it says there are 9 events all over 10K ??? So how is that allowed ? Sorry I must be giving you a right headache I just don’t understand how they get away with it. Most of them are Drum and Base music they are the worst ! Give me Neil Diamond any day .



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