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So I can hear many people being pleased about this, but I can promise you fining people for jumping red lights doesnt work

its the 2nd time I have been fined and this time it cost me £50 on a very rainy monday by a very grumpy young PC- not happy- all cars staitonary- and no pedestrians

But will it stop me ( or other serial red light jumpers like me)- well its a BIG FAT NO-

Its just now I will have to make sure there are no police cars in the vicinity- So infact instead of making the roads safer, instead of me previously doing a thorough check of the road of any cars, pedestrians, other cyclists., I now have to check for police which means Im possibly less than 100% focused on everything else

So to put this in context

I am a middle age woman who has been cycling  in london on a daily basis for the last 30years. I have been knocked off quite a few times( absolutely none of them my fault)

 2 of my accidents in my early years of cycling where  when i was leaving traffic lights- so I learnt like many other cyclists, traffic lights are dangerous places to stop- So provided its totally clear, get on your way. The more cyclists on the road, the worst junctions seem with the cluster of cyclists trying to find room with cars behind getting impatient and trying to squeeze through dangerously narrow gaps

So you are never going to convince me or many other cyclists its safer to stop at red lights- although i might be a bit richer

So any PC PlODS out there dont waste your time especially on a rainy day - go and catch real crims

So i know many wont agree wth this, but unfortunately a few cyclists give us all a bad name- such as cyclists

who jump lights in a dangerous way( when there are cars around

cyclists who go on pavments and weave around pedestians- scarring them

cyclists who dont stop at pedestrian crossings when people are crossing-terrible!!!!!!!!!!

But something needs to be done with all these recent deaths, and I would be really interested in what the circumstances were- i would guarantee it wasnt due to jumping a light-unless of course the person had been drinking etc

Most bad accidents/fatalities happen by people obeying the law- so the law needs to be changed

And when are pedestrians going to be fined for jay walking across roads and knocking cyclists off

I got sent flying only 2 months ago by a pedestrian running out in front of me on green lanes, close to the ale emporium- the 3rd time a  pedestrian has knocked me off over the years

Right Rant finished

And anyone/cyclist wants to make our roads safer, see the petition below


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Banks do a lot to wind people up and given the unequal nature of society you could be excused for suggesting that the banks had it coming should they be robbed but blaming the banks publicly after 5 of their staff got killed in a week would be quite crass and some would say very loudly, completely irresponsible....

Slightly off topic but, I have a pretty shit helmet camera (still does a job) which I try and record on most journeys, just in case like. I want to get a better one, any recommendations?

Search here, cams have been discussed:


One thread re helmetcams, hard to search for. Fairly recent. As they say, they will go on getting cheaper + better - Moore's law. 

Thanks Gerry & Pamish.

Why CDF is supporting one cyclist's challenge of a FPN:


At first this makes complete sense and I feel for the cyclist. But, I also think we would have a completely lawless society if we all believed that two wrongs make a right.

It's not so much the act of breaking the law, it's the intention. The cyclist did not intend to break the law but had no choice.

Another example; when the light is red the only legal way for a cyclist to get to the front stop line is alongside the left of the traffic; there is a cycle lane. If the cyclist instead approaches from the right (the safer option)of the stationary traffic s/he has to cross the first stop line: this is illegal. I have discussed this with a policeman (who works full time to promote cycling safety), he recommends the latter option & says that no cyclist will be prosecuted for doing it. The police are working to get this law changed.

I wonder if the motorist who was taking up the ASL was charged.

If the motorist entered the ASL on a red light this is also  an offense - for a motorist it is jumping the light.

ASL ?  CDF ?  FPN ?


For the benefit of those not in the know, could you please avoid the use of TLAs ?

ASL = advance stop line.

WTF =  Wednesday Thursday Friday

I don't know the others!

John D: CDF is the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Remember it used be run by God's Rottweiler, Joe Ratzinger. I didn't know they'd taken on the regulation of cyclists' red light districts. Not surprised - any hint of sex and they're in like flint.

Your earlier suggestion of dealing with Tigha - "in case I run into her and kill her" - was very apposite. You obviously speak as a motorist and pedestrian. As a mere pedestrian may I say there's no "in case" about it - why weaken your sense of purpose by introducing a demon of doubt into the matter? If, as the Scottish play has it, you'd let the firstlings of your heart be the firstlings of your hand (or accelerator foot) by, say, 1700 hours on 15 November, we'd have been spared these seven pages of blether and a myriad HOL posters might have found time to read an improving book.



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