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Are you:

Passionate about stories – especially film, with a preference for indies

Keen to support a treasured local arts space

Free one night a month to chat movies over coffee?

I’m a member at Arthouse Crouch End and would like to start a film club. The staff say they don't have a club at the moment.

Idea is to set up a small, diverse group of film lovers, say half a dozen people, to meet up once a month or so to talk movies. We’d take turns to choose which film to discuss.

If you like the idea, please get in touch with me!

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Thank you everyone for the interest. That's great news. Shall we take this offline to work out hows and whens - maybe set up a group email or WhatsApp group?

If that's OK, could everyone who'd like to do this send me a DM, saying which they'd prefer? We should def have a chat about how the other film clubs worked!

Thanks, Kit 

I've sent out connection requests to you to get us started!


I'd definitely be interested. I live in Tottenham, and have always wanted to go to the Arthouse. Last time was an awfully long time ago! Please keep me posted... thanx

Shohid Rahman



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