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Passionate about stories – especially film, with a preference for indies

Keen to support a treasured local arts space

Free one night a month to chat movies over coffee?

I’m a member at Arthouse Crouch End and would like to start a film club. The staff say they don't have a club at the moment.

Idea is to set up a small, diverse group of film lovers, say half a dozen people, to meet up once a month or so to talk movies. We’d take turns to choose which film to discuss.

If you like the idea, please get in touch with me!

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Would a viewing of the film be part of club? 

Thanks Park. Thought is for the group to choose a film to discuss, based on what's showing at Arthouse. People could agree to see the same showing (which can be tricky to arrange, even with small groups) or each watch the chosen film when and how it suits them; daytime, relaxed, early/late evening or weekend. 

The group would meet once a month, on a week-day evening, to have a chat about whichever film they've all watched... 

Hi kit I would be interested but only if the film showing were subsidised because I am currently unwaged and under 65. 
Thanks Sujan

Subsidies to see the film would be great! I would love to see a documentary and discuss it

I certainly like the idea, and have thought about proposing this to the Arthouse. We used to run a Film Group for the local U3A, which was popular, until forced to stop by the pandemic. Would be happy to diiscuss further in Feb, or by email.  - Ian C

Great idea as I miss the film club attended a while back. Parly depends on what's chosen as not into sci fi or anything like that. 

I'm interested. 

Hi Kit

I would definitely be interested to join a Film Club. I'll send you a connection request for any further info. 

Thanks Susan

I'd be interested to join as like others I've really missed the U3A one

Sue L

I really like to sound of this - please keep me posted!

You've prompted a lot of interest, Kit. How can we carry this forward? Should we hold a meeting somewhere soon? Ann

I would definitely be keen. This sounds like a really good idea. Please keep me updated Kit!



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